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Shaun J. Larson - Contractor

Anyone who knows or meets Shaun is well aware that he’s passionate about EVERYTHING he does and his excitement and energy quickly become contagious which drives the enjoyment of every project.  His life is full of entrepreneurial successes in several industries including, e-commerce, imaging and real estate, so he’s got a genuine knack for identifying goals and making the journey toward them enjoyable and successful for those involved.

Often quoted as saying “cut lumber and sheetrock finishing are like the new-car smell to me”, Shaun lights up at the mere mention of a new project and immediately starts the gears turning to generate ideas. He helps people dream of possibilities and releases their imaginations to transform ideas into a plan.  Then, he pulls the team together so the vision can become a reality.  It really becomes quite a positive life experience and not simply a project.

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The variety of ways we take care of our clients

When you’re in the construction industry, you find that the requests are diverse.  Some projects are born from dreams of an original idea and those projects tend to be ground-up builds starting from a beautiful piece of land.  Other requests are the result of someone’s life, needs, and dreams having evolved, so those may include the revision of something once built.  That may include renovations and/or additions.  Many of our friends have commercial interests in a spectrum of industries, so they naturally reach out to us for those needs as well, so we are able to help them and you with new adventures as well as refreshing their existing commercial locations.

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Where do we provide our services

Faccio Construction is based in Brentwood, TN.  While we are licensed and have the ability to work throughout the entire state of Tennessee, our focus is in Middle Tennessee with an emphasis on Williamson County.  Much of this relates to the proximity of our team members for projects as well as the ability to efficiently commute to and from our job sites regularly throughout the day and duration of the projects on the schedule.

Your Project Team

Helping You Form & Meet Your Goals

As the level of intricacies of a project increases, so does the number of people who will be involved with your project.  For a full custom home build, we utilize a vast array of professionals, and even for some renovations it would surprise you how many professionals are involved.

Shaun J. Larson
Contractor / Faccio President
Shaun J. Larson
Contractor / Faccio President
Full of ideas, energy, and always willing to explain a project so that everyone understands and enjoys it. Shaun is mission-oriented with a high level of expectations.
Rebekah Larson
Rebekah Larson
Project & Finishes Manager
Rebekah Larson
Project & Finishes Manager
DecraHome's, Rebekah Larson is always familiar with market trends and patiently works with clients to customize their projects with design features and finishes that provide consistency and beauty throughout their design.


Kind words shared with us

As many people are, we were intimidated with the whole building process... to the point we weren't sure we wanted to, but Shaun's knowledge and logical explanations to our questions boosted our confidence off the charts!
by Sheila & Tom M.
Our home needed a high level of updating in an effort to put it on the market and compete with the newer homes in our area. Shaun's real estate experience contributed so much to knowing what to implement for an efficient sale in today's market.
by Kevin R.
One thing is for sure... Shaun's got ideas and energy. Just speaking with him about changes to our home (and later business office) got us excited about our properties again!
by Julia & Scott B.

Shaun J. Larson


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The process of development and construction is a something that sparks the curiosity and imaginations of many people from all industries and walks of life.  It’s often not their career, but instead another avenue they see as an opportunity to stretch their dreams and achieve their goals while being part of a creative process in the community.  Those opportunities come in many creative forms.  We may be assisting one type of investor by building or improving properties for their own portfolio.  For another type of investor, they may be more of an on-looker and wish to participate financially in projects we have designed and are implementing.  Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of opportunity in the world of development and construction.  If you’re in need of help with your investment projects or are seeking an opportunity to participate in ours, we’re always open to hearing new creative ideas from like-minded people with whom we can build a strong relationship.

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